tea for sale

21 May

Ok, you are likely here from Steepster looking for tea.
If you are interested in some tea please fill out the form below and I will send you a paypal invoice. Be sure your email address is associated with your account. If you do not use paypal, I can take your credit cards over the phone if you are comfortable with that, let me know in the comment box in there if that is the case.

I will weigh your tea with an envelope (or box depending on how much tea it is) and calculate the exact postage to additionally charge you. This could range from about $2 to priority if you get a ton. Canada starts at $6.16 and other international areas is almost $7.

Teas are listed by price last updated 10pm eastern June 18. Cutting out soy, dairy, and grains = lots more tea for you, and a very reluctant me. When I realized I had to get rid of genmaichas, well, you can see I can’t let go hahaha.

50 cents
1/2 oz Lupicia Piccolo
60g Infussion Catuaba
1 oz Marketspice Spiced Cider Black
1/2 oz Della Terra Teas Double Berry Burst

75 cents
3/4 oz Della Terra Smores
~4/5 oz Della Terra Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
3/4 oz 52Teas Smores Chai

1 3/4 oz Adagio Organic red Rooibos
1 oz Nature’s Tea Leaf Slimming Tea
16 sachets Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride in box
1 oz English Tea Store Peach (sealed)
1 oz DavidsTea English Rose
1 oz Della Terra Teas Fireside Spice (sealed)

~2 oz Teavana Opus Rouge

10 teabags Lupicia Momo black (sealed)

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